A Carriage Pub is sometimes called a pedal pub, trolley tavern, party bike, bar bike or a quadricycle.  Regardless of what you call it, it is a 15- 16 passenger, open-air, vehicle that requires human pedal power to propel.  Our bike has 10 seats for people to pedal, 2 non pedaling bike seats, and a bench across the back.

10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Yes, bars are open that early on the route.

Carriage Pub is a unique touring vehicle that offers a memorable lap around town to enjoy the sights and sounds of Racine along our pre-determined routes. All tours are professionally guided to help your group enjoy their moments in motion. Groups do not have to be into alcoholic beverages to enjoy the fun aboard Carriage Pub, there are tons of sights to see and places to stop along our routes that are family friendly too!

All tours start and end at Carriage House Liquor Co. 220 State St, Racine, WI 53403

  • Arrive 20 minutes early so you can get signed in and situated.
  • The tour itself is 1 hour 45 minutes. Plan on just over 2 hours of your time to allow for checking in, loading and unloading after your tour.
  • Please fill out online waivers prior to arriving. Online waivers can be accessed through your confirmation email. Everyone in the group must sign a waiver.

It can hold up to 16 people, there are 10 seats with pedals, 2 seats above the back wheels, and 3 bench seats on the back row, and one person can man the middle as the bartender and fetch the group drinks and snacks.

All of our tours require a minimum of 8 participants to run. If we don’t meet the minimum we reserve the right to cancel or reschedule the tour.

If Wisconsin weather allows us to hit the road then tours are offered 7 days a week year round. To check available tour times simply begin making a booking to launch our online calendar. If you would like to book a tour within 24 hours of a scheduled launch time you can email us at tours@carriagepub.com, call us at 262-898-0279 or catch us at Carriage House Liquor Co. to see if we can accommodate your request.

The price covers the Carriage Pub rental cost for the 1 hour 45 min where we make 2-3 stops throughout the downtown Racine area. We provide a driver to navigate the Carriage Pub, a cooler, and music.

A private tour has a flat rate ranging from $300-$400 plus tax and booking fees, depending on the time and day of week. Make sure you book your tour well in advance, as we are often sold out on popular time-slots months in advance

Yes, although there are some very strict laws and rules we are obligated to enforce. Carriage Pub’s license allows groups to enjoy fermented malt beverages while in motion. No alcoholic beverages allowed if anyone under 21 is not with a parent, guardian, or spouse of legal drinking age. Please remember that alcohol MAY NOT leave the bike at any time, and cannot pass from any premises we stop at to our bike. NO alcoholic beverages other than 36oz of fermented malt beverages per person of legal drinking age that are purchased at Carriage House are allowed on the cycle pub. If you get overly intoxicated during the tour and become a nuisance, you will be asked to get off without a refund.

No, but there are No alcoholic beverages allowed if anyone under 21 is not with a parent, guardian, or spouse of legal drinking age

– We will need to check photo ID’s so please remember to bring them along.

The bikes are family friendly for kids 12 years old or older and appropriate stop options can certainly be accommodated with a mixed aged group.

Fermented malt beverages purchased from Carriage House Liquor Co are allowed on our bikes, but no alcoholic beverages are allowed if anyone under 21 is not with a parent, guardian, or spouse of legal drinking age. Hard alcohol is prohibited at all times. The ONLY form of packaging allowed for beverages are cans or plastic bottles.  Water and other refreshments are also available for purchase. Snacks are a great way to power up your group but remember to keep them mobile friendly. Most groups grab cheese curds at The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery or a corned dog from Main Hub

Passengers must be a minimum of 10 years of age for all tours. Pedaling passengers ideally should be at least 5′ 2” tall to comfortably reach the pedals. Shorter passengers are still welcome to ride but are encouraged to take a non-pedal seat or the back bench seat.

Yes and no. The maximum weight is 275 pounds to sit on a pedaling seat.  However, there is a bench across the back (non-pedaling) that will accommodate heavier persons.

Absolutely!! Pick from our playlists, or connect to our on-board Bluetooth stereo system, and lead the pack with your favorite beats! As long as your DJ keeps the tracks community friendly they can let the grooves flow! (Please remember some of our later scheduled tours may require some sound level adjustments in order to enjoy the evening hours on the road.)

The Carriage Pub operates rain or shine! If it’s going to rain, we recommend bringing rain jackets and/or ponchos. It’s actually really fun when it rains, groups have a blast! Plus, there is a roof so you will stay pretty dry. We only cancel tours if there are unsafe conditions, as described by a national weather advisory. If the guide cancels your tour for snow or any other reason, you will be given the option to re-book or request a full refund. If there is snow on the ground, we do not ride and the tour will be cancelled.

– Dress for the weather! If you bring a jacket or sweater, you can store it in our cubby on the bike if you get too hot. – We definitely recommend wearing shoes. DO NOT wear flip flops, open toed sandals or high heals. – Pants or shorts are a better bet than a dress or skirt.

We have an employee of ours drive and steer the unit – your group can relax and have fun.

It goes about 5 miles an hour.

Yes, there is an electric assist for the hills. Please remember this is a crawl, not a race.  If you are hesitant to book due to fitness ability, only 10 seats pedal and the other rest can relax on non-pedaling seats.

Click the Book Now button on the tour you are interested in and select the Available Dates box. First come, first served!

Your safety is our primary concern. Our bikes are equipped with high back seats, hand rail, and hydraulic brakes to keep you comfortable and safe. We typically travel at an easy 5mph pace. You do not HAVE to wear a helmet, but if you would like to wear one, feel free to bring one along! Carriage House Pedal Tours will not provide any helmets.

The best way to enjoy a Carriage Pub outing is to plan your trip on the fly with your guide as your tour rolls out. All tours stop The Ivanhoe Pub & Eatery & Main Hub, as a way to thank them for their sponsorship and then hit the open road enjoying a lap around Racine. Check with your guide about what options are available the day of your tour.

As you probably already guessed… Absolutely not! The Carriage Pub offers a fun and novel approach to touring Racine, highlighting the our very best restaurants, pubs, sights and more. You should act with the same level of civility on our bikes as you would when simply enjoying a pint with family and friends at a nice pub or restaurant. Please, respect your guide, our bike, and the City of Racine because groups that do not will have their tour immediately terminated without refund.
If you have more questions regarding tour rules and safety, give us a call before your tour or check in with your guide before climbing aboard.

Sorry, we do not offer any type of wait-list option for tour times that are already booked. Since many times the plans of other groups might change and they reschedule or cancel a booked tour time, you can always check our real-time booking calendar online to see if the tour time you prefer has freed up for your group to swap to.

Transportation to/from Carriage Pub’s tour launch site is NOT included but you can easily set up pre/post tour transport.

No, we supply a guide so you don’t have to worry much about making plans or plotting courses around Racine. When you check in for the tour your guide will help customize a fun plan to rally your group around. We find the best tours tend to keep their group on the move to enjoy the time on our bike between stops.

That’s up to you, but we have heard the saying… “If you enjoyed your ride, be sure to TIP your guide!”

Sorry, but for obvious safety reasons the answer is NO. Our bikes are reserved as private group tours and we only offer public rides on certain occasions.

No, since the our bikes are crazy heavy contraptions we just can’t move them around without you and the horsepower provided by your group.

Carriage Pub provides your guide, your touring contraption and the slew of jokes and fun facts while your group supplies the pedal power. Our  Carriage Pub has ample overhead storage for purses, backpacks, and more.
Also remember:
a VALID ID – ALL adult riders must bring a valid govt. issued ID. We are required to check every adult rider’s ID to verify age and name on the waiver.
-Appropriate footwear (flip-flops or high heels might kinda work but are not always the best option!)
-Water or other hydrating drinks
-Phone or action camera
-Your “game face” for uphills
-Your smile for the downhills
-A drive to enjoy the best way to experience Racine!

You are more than welcome to bring community friendly party favors but NO CONFETTI / CONFETTI CANNONS or messy party supplies..etc to avoid leaving a mess around Racine. Also, all decisions made by your guide when making the call if certain decorations will or will not be allowed in regards to community standards, safety or sight line issues are final!

Click on any “Book” button and navigate to the date /time you would like to book a tour. Once you pick your tour date/time, fill in your personal and payment details to head to checkout. Please be aware that our reservation system does not allow for partial payments and will charge your purchasing card the full amount at checkout and your payment in full is the deposit for your reservation. Please refer to our cancellation policy for more information on how refunds are processed when applicable.

For Cancellations more than 14 days prior to the tour date: Full refund.
For Cancellations less than 14 days prior to the tour date: Rain check provided, valid until the end of the season.
For Cancellations less than 7 days prior to the tour date: No refund or rain check available.
If the tour is canceled by Carriage House Pedal Tours we will provide a full refund or honor a booking for a future date.

Carriage House Pedal Tours offers trip insurance, allowing you to cancel for any reason up to 48 hours before the start of the scheduled tour for a full refund (excluding trip insurance & booking fees). Trip insurance will also allow you to receive a full refund in the event of a Severe Weather Warning from the National Weather Service during the time of your scheduled tour.
To purchase trip insurance, simply select the add on “Trip Insurance” during checkout.
Carriage House Pedal Tours operates rain or shine! It’s still a lot of fun- think of it as an adventure. We only cancel tours on our end if there are unsafe conditions (defined as a severe weather warning by National Weather Service).

–Any tour canceled by Carriage Pub for violations related to our “Zero Tolerance” policy will not be refunded. If you have additional questions please about our rules or policies, please contact us at tours@CarriagePub.com

Feel free to contact us anytime via email at: tours@carriagepub.com

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